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Saturday, October 26th - 10:00a.m.
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Lot 1

Title:Hinks`s Duplex Lamp with Greek Key Shade
Description:Hinks`s Duplex 19th century copper plated spelter oil lamp with etched satin glass ball shade in the Greek Key design.
Condition: Lamp has corrosion damage to base, balance of lamp including shade is in good condition.

Lot 2

Title: Pair Victorian Three Candle Sconces with Mirrors
Description: Pair Victorian, neo-classical style, luster sconces with 3 candle holders and mirrors. Well polished pierced brass featuring a goddesses. Dimensions - 8.5" X 20"
Condition: Good condition with old repairs.

Lot 3

Title: Orientalist Pierced Brass Footed Oil Lamp, C.1880
Description:Orientalist pierced brass, footed, oil lamp, C.1880. Converted to electric and polished. Dimensions -18" H. X 14.5 Dia.
Condition: Good condition

Lot 4

Title: Antique Brass Student Lamp with Green Shade
Description:Antique Brass Student Lamp with Green Shade. Lamp has been electrified. Lamp burner is marked Sun Lamp. Dimensions - 28" h. with chimney and 25.25 lamp only, shade 11.5" Dia.
Condition:Shade and lamp are in good condition. Shade is most likely a reproduction.

Lot 5

Title: Antique Brass Student Lamp with Light Green Shade
Description:Antique Brass Student Lamp with Light Green Shade. Patent dates 1870`s . Dimensions - 22.5" H. lamp only, shade 8.5" Dia.
Condition: Good condition.

Lot 6

Title: A Pair of Fenton Blue Opalescent Coin Dot Lamps
Description:Pair of Fenton blue opalescent coin dot electric lamps and matching chimneys. Dimensions - 17' H.
Condition: Good Condition

Lot 7

Title:Cut Rock Crystal Center Bowl Attrib. to Pairpoint
Description:Cut Rock Crystal Center Bowl , Attributed to Pairpoint Manufacturing Company. flower cut on polished pontil mark. First half 20th century. Dimensions - 14" Dia. X 4" H.
Condition: Good condition

Lot 8

Title: French Brass and Glass Clock with Beveled Glass
Description:French brass and glass clock with beveled Glass, porcelain face and key. Dimensions - 10" H. X 6.75" X 5.75"
Condition: Good condition. Kennedy`s Auction Service does not guarantee this clock to be in running order.

Lot 9

Title: Victorian Hanging Light w/ Pink Opalescent Shade
Description: Victorian hanging light w/ pink opalescent etched glass shade. Measures 37" H. (bottom of light to ceiling) X 10.5 overall diameter. Shade measures - 7" Dia. X 9.75" H.
Condition:Good condition

Lot 10

Title: Horstmann 1840 Marine Corp N.C.O. Sword Phila. Pa
Horstmann 1840 Marine Corp N.C.O. Sword Philadelphia, Pa. Marked Horstmann Philadelphia. 25.75" blade.
Brass hand guard has crack.

Lot 11

Title: Bleckmann, Solingen, Enfield 1858 Sabre Bayonet
Description: J. E. Bleckmann, Solingen, Enfield pattern 1858 sabre bayonet. Measures - 22.75" L. blade and 28.1" overall
Condition: Average to good condition.

Lot 12

Title: Civil War US Cavalry Sword 1840 "Wristbreaker”
Description: Civil War US cavalry sword model 1840 "Wristbreaker” with original steel scabbard with two rings. Sword is unmarked and could have been made or used by the U.S. or Confederates during the civil war. Dimensions -36"inch curved blade with an over all length of 41"
Condition: Sword has partially missing brass hand guard and leather grip (see photos). Scabbard is missing part where scabbard accepts sword and is in average condition.

Lot 13

Title: Unknown Mfr., Antique, 8 Ga., Percussion Shotgun
Description:Unknown manufacturer, antique, 8 gauge (measures 0.875inside barrel), percussion shotgun with hexagon and round barrel 46.75" long and brass but plate. A brass plate has been added to this gun with small brass screws just in front of the trigger guard. The stock has a 3/8 " hole drill through approximately in the center, possibly from an earlier shooting stand. Even though this gun has a few problems it is a very solid old gun. Gun measures 63" long overall.
Condition: Brass trigger guard has been replaced and is missing one screw. Forearm section of stock has two cracks. A brass plate has been added to this gun with small brass screws just in front of the trigger guard. The stock has a 3/8 " hole drilled through approximately in the center, possibly from an earlier shooting stand. Stock has been reduced in length and has old repaired crack. Ramrod has been replaced and is incorrect.

Lot 14

Title: Springfield Rifle, 1830, 69 caliber Musket
Description:Springfield Rifle, 1830, 69 caliber musket, 41.75" round barrel, percussion conversion lock marked "Springfield 1830" behind hammer. with steel trigger guard, butt plate, cut ramrod is not original, walnut stock with faint military inspection cartouches. Total length 57.25.
Gun is in fair to good condition. Wood under barrel has a small crack 2" - 2.5" on both sides of barrel. Small crack just above trigger 1.5" and .5" crack in stock at base of barrel. Some old pitting and surface rust.

Lot 15

Title: Springfield M. 1872 Light Cavalry Officer's Sword
Description:Springfield Model 1872 light cavalry officer's sword 33.75" blade etched U.S. and military motifs. Marked on the blade U.S., Armory, Springfield, Mass. Brass pommel and three-fingered guard. Scabbard has embossed brass fittings.
Leather and brass wire wrapped handle have been replaced. Sword and scabbard have varying degrees of old surface rust.


Lot 16

Title: Louisiana C.S.A. Soldier With 3 Weapons Ambrotype
Description: Louisiana C.S.A. soldier with three weapons 1/6 plate ambrotype. Soldier has uniform, rifle, pistol, sword and full beard. Found in the Shreveport, Louisiana area.
Condition: Very good condition. Missing top half of leather case.

Lot 17

Title: Civil War Grease Canteen, Blacksmith Made
Description: Civil War grease canteen, blacksmith made grease container early and possibly Confederate. Blacksmith made of iron with a "rat tail" handle. The canteen was hung above the fire and the iron body was heated so the grease could flow out.
Condition: Good condition. Missing stopper.

Lot 18

Title: Framed Group with Sword and Bayonet
Description: Framed grouping; 1879 French bayonet with 22.5" blade; Spanish Colonial short sword, c. 1780-1800, forged handle and grooved 20.25" blade; U.S. bridle rosette embossed metal; Civil War minie ball; framed in an oak frame.
Condition: See photos for condition details.

Lot 19

Title: Two Civil War Era Metal Canteens
Description:Two Civil War era metal canteens, bullseye 7.5" dia. And smooth canteen dated in old paint 1863 - 7.5" dia.
Good condition considering the age. (see photos)

Lot 20

Title: Civil War Group of 60 Bullets and 4 Eagle Buttons
Description:Civil War group of 60 minie balls or shot and 4 eagle buttons framed in a crude 24" X 40" frame on red felt with tag that reads "Found at Gettysburg"
See photos for condition.

Lot 21

Title: 85 Civil War Buttons, Buckle Plate & Hat Insignia
Description:Framed group of 85 Civil War era buttons, U.S. belt buckle plate and U.S. cross swords hat insignia in a 18" X 29.25" 1930`s gold frame.
See photos for condition.

Lot 22

Description:U.S. Civil War backpack marked #13, G 84, Dimensions -14" X 4.25 X 15" W
Pack has numerous tears and damage. See photos.

Lot 23

Title: Rare Huntzinger Victorian Sewing Rocking Chair
Description:Rare Huntzinger Victorian oak sewing rocking chair. Measures - 43" H. X 18.25" W. X 28" D.
Condition: Very good condition. Upholstery cover in seat and back have been replaced

Lot 24

Title: Huntzinger Center Table with Spiral Twist Legs
Description:Huntzinger center table with spiral twist legs, brass and wood claw & ball feet, finialed stretcher, mahogany finish and birds eye maple top. Circa 1900. Measures - 28.5" H. X 29.5" X 30"
Wood structure is in good condition

Lot 25

Title: A Pair of American Oak North Wind Face Arm Chairs
Description: A pair of American oak north wind face, arm chairs with claw feet and solid seats. Measure - 39" H. X 24" W. X 22" D.
Good condition.

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