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Partial Auction Listing


LotNumber Title

1 Pallet w/ Antique Furniture Parts
2 Repro. Round Oak Table w/ 2 Matching Chairs
3 HFT Pop-Up Tent
4 Pallet of Light Fixtures
5 White Country Dining Table
6 Wooden Tabletop Display Case w/ Hasp Lock
7 Two Aluminum Tabletop Display Cases
8 Three Small Wooden Tabletop Display Cases
9 Tom's Peanuts Wooden Display Case w/ 4 Shelves
10 Large Pallet w/ File Cabinets, Carts, Etc.
11 Folding 2-Wheel Dolly
12 Box of Electric Lamps
13 Box of Pots and Pans
14 3 Red Ice Chests/Coolers
15 Box w/ Antique Suitcase, Briefcase, Etc...
16 Vietnam Era Bullet Proof Vest
17 Tall Box of Miscellaneous Household Items
18 Box of Costume Jewelry
19 Box with NIB Side Grinder and Multi-tool
20 Box w/ 3 Toy Guns
21 Box w/ Lego Dragons and Accessories
22 Silver Plate and Flatware
23 Box of Tarps
24 Box of Lamp Shades
25 Box of Toys and Christmas Items
26 Box of Cutlery
27 2 Boxes of Small Picture Frames
28 Box of Toys
29 Box of Clamps and Bed Display Rails
30 Box w/ Miscellaneous Items
31 Tin Filled w/ Buttons
32 Box of Bed Display Rails & Casters
33 Box of Costume Jewelry
34 Box of Mink Muffs, Etc...
35 Box of Tools
36 Antique Wooden Crate w/ Picture Frames
37 Box of Sterling Silver Flatware & Scrap
38 Box of Glassware, Incl. Crystal
39 Box of Tools w/ Drills
40 Large Box of Toys
41 Box of Stuffed Animals, Incl. Teletubbies
42 Large Box of Miscellaneous Household Items
43 Box Incl. Clock and Seven-Up Bottles
44 Box of Toys Incl. Train
45 Box w/ Coca-Cola Umbrella & Awnings
46 Box w/ Hat Box, Toy Doll Trunk, Etc...
47 Box of Miscellaneous Toys Incl. Truck
48 Box of Christmas Items
49 Box of Wire Plate Racks, Doll Stands, Etc...
50 Box of Murano Glass
51 Hand-painted Japanese Tea Set
52 Box of Flow Blue & White China Plates & Bowls
53 Box Deal Of Toys
54 Box Deal Toys
55 Box of Old Advertising Items w/ Tin Coffee Sign
56 Box Deal Old Toys
57 Box of Military, Boy Scout, Etc... Uniforms
58 Group of Old Adding Machines, Electric & Manual
59 Box Plates Incl. Souvenir and Coca-Cola
60 Box of Miscellaneous Items, Incl. Lawn Sprinkler
61 Box of Assorted Tools w/ Vice
62 Box w/ Old Tackle Box & Fishing Items
63 Box of Assorted Tools
64 Box of Assorted Items
65 Box w/ Punch Bowl and Assorted China
66 Faux Asian Idol
67 Toolbox Full of Tools
68 Propane & Electric Heaters
69 Two Electric Leaf Blowers
70 Box w/ Jumper Cables & Car Washing Accessories
71 Box of Clamps
72 3 Small Ladders
73 Memphis State University Print
74 Box of Prints Incl. Some Oil on Canvas Prints
75 Box of Kitchen Items
76 Box of Toy Soldiers, Etc...
77 Box of Office Supplies
78 Sony Digital Frame & NavMan Portable GPS
79 Box w/ Shoes, Duffle Bag, Hat Box
80 Box of Cartoon Glasses
81 Box Deal of Oil Lamps
82 Box Deal Misc. Items
83 Box Deal Misc Lamps
84 Large Coffee Pot
85 Box of Telephone and Electric Insulators
86 Box of Damaged Pottery w/ Weller, McCoy Etc.
87 Two Pieces of Nemadji Indian Pottery
88 Box of Porcelain Including Lamps
89 Box with Depression and Bubble Glass
90 Box with Pressed and Leaded Crystal Glass
91 Box of Oriental Dishes and Cloisonné
92 Box Deal with Graniteware
93 Box Including Etched Stemware w/ Milk Glass Stems
94 Box Deal Pots and Pans
95 Box Deal Blue Glasses
96 Box of Baskets
97 Box of Old Skates
98 Box of Smoothing & Sad Irons
99 Four Smoothing Irons
100 Box with Small Stoneware Jugs & Cookie Jug
101 Box with Four Jugs Incl. Mini Jug
102 Box with Five Pieces of Fiestaware
103 Box of Salt and Pepper Shakers
104 Box of Crystal Stemware
105 Box of Crystal Stemware
106 Box of Old Flatware
107 Box of Stoneware
108 Box of Crystal Dessert Plates Etc.
109 Box of Crystal Stemware
110 Box Deal with Three Rolling Pins
111 Box with One Rolling Pin
112 Two Case Trays w/ Advertising Items Old Joe Etc.
113 Box of Barbie Dolls
114 Box with Four Refrigerator Dishes
115 Box of Glassware Including Anchor Hocking
116 Box with Commerative Knives
117 Box with Hunting Knives
118 Box w/ Spanish Dagger, 2 German Commemoratives Etc
119 Box with Vases and Glasses
120 Box with Lamp Chimneys and Burners
121 Box Deal Wrist Watches
122 Box Deal Kitchen Items Including Molds
123 Box Deal with 20 Plus Pocket Knives
124 Box with Amber and Green Glassware
125 Box of Misc. Items Incl. Glassware
126 Box of Glasses Incl. Coca Cola
127 Box of Christmas Glasses
128 Box of Milk Glass
129 Two Boxes Misc and Christmas Items
130 Box of Lids Including Churn Lids
131 Box with Crochet Etc.
132 Box with Crochet, tapestry purse, baby clothes
133 box of miscellaneous glassware
134 Box of flower vases
135 Box with shot glasses
136 Box of Hall's Superior mixing bowls
137 Box of candle holders including leaded glass
138 Box of sherbet glasses
139 Box of baseball cards
140 Crosman model 38C 6 shot pellet pistol
141 Box of etched crystal stemware
142 Box of glass stemware
143 Box of miniature oil lamps
144 Box of Flow Blue style china
145 Box of multi-colored glassware
146 Box of Stoneware mixing bowls
147 Box of porcelain and china
148 Box of Pyrex kitchenware
149 Box of miscellaneous glassware
150 Box of military ammunition
151 Box of clear glassware
152 Box of brown Hull stoneware
153 Box of vases
154 Box of figurines
155 Box of lamps and lamp shades
156 Box of glass display stand supports
157 Box with miscellaneous china and cream pitchers
158 Box of mugs
159 Box with blue opalescent lamp
160 Box Inc. Russell Wright, misc. glassware
161 Box with stoneware and glass pitchers
162 Box with glow in the dark paperclips
163 Box of sunglass cords
164 Box of heavy glass trays
165 Box with children's glassware, etc.
166 Box of porcelain china figurines
167 Railroad planter set
168 Box with samurai style and Persian style knives
169 Box with toaster, shoe polisher, etc.
170 Box of banks, glass, cast metal, etc.
171 Box of Life magazines, newspaper, etc.
172 Box of wooden items
173 Box of jewelry display stands
174 Box of crystal stemware
175 Box of brass door knobs, furniture pulls, etc.
176 Box of hunting knives
177 Box of com. knives, etc.
178 Box of assorted knives
179 Box with brass candlesticks, spittoons, etc.
180 Box of assorted picture frames
181 Box of ladies beaded purses, etc.
182 Box of assorted tins
183 Box of jewelry
184 Box with damaged pottery, Roseville and Hull
185 Box of marbles
186 Jar of marbles
187 Box with four sets of curtain ties
188 Box of ice buckets
189 Box of ceramic bowls and pitchers
190 Box of mini stoneware jugs and containers
191 Box of old cameras
192 Box with leaded crystal baskets, handled tray, etc
193 Box of miscellaneous items
194 Box of Christmas items
195 Box with 1950-1960's lamps
196 Box with lamps
197 Box with poker chips and dice
198 Box of dolls
199 Box of candlesticks and miniature lamps
200 Box of glassware including leaded crystal
201 Box of assorted ceramics including spittoon vase
202 Box of ceramic cookie jars, tea pots
203 Box of ceramic canisters and stoneware w/dispenser
204 Box with Three Cake Stands and One Cover
205 Box of Milk Glass
206 Box of Assorted Clear Glassware
207 Box of Assorted Bells
208 Box of Teapots
209 Box of Clown Figures
210 Box of Marigo Carnival Glass Pitcher, 6 glasses
211 Box of Book Ends
212 Box with Ceramic Chinese Soldiers
213 Box of Clear Glassware
214 Seth Thomas School House Style Clock
215 Box with Hatchets and Hammers
216 Box with Assorted Tools
217 Craftsman Toolbox and Tools
218 Kennedy Toolbox and Tools
219 Toolbox and Tools
220 Box of Book Ends
221 Box of Hardware
222 Box with Extension cords and Assorted Tools
223 Box with Large Rope
224 Corona Neon Sign
225 Box with Belts, Whip, and Military Belts
226 Box of Wooden Picture Frames
227 Mesh bag with Judo Sparing Equipment
228 Two Pair of Binoculars in Cases
229 Box of Marigo Carnival Glass Bowls & Tumblers
230 Box of Glass Liquor Decanters


LotNumber Title

231 Quilt
232 Box of Three w/Quilts and Small Rug
233 Large Blue and White Coverlet
234 Box with Cigar Boxes and Wooden Boxes
235 Box with Book Ends
236 Box of Brass Items
237 Box of Assorted Crystal Bowls, Etc.
238 Box with Bedspreads, Crochet, Etc.
239 Box of Assorted Pottery, Frank Oma & Red Winged
240 Box with Three Stoneware Pitchers
241 Box with Heisey Glass
242 Box with Candle Holders
243 Box of lamp chimneys
244 Box with Yellowware Bowl, etc.
245 Box with Artist Paints and Toolboxes
246 Box with Oil Lamp, Satin Glass Lamp, Shades
247 Miller Beer Light Up Sign
248 Box of Cast Iron Incal Corn Stick, Waffle Iron,etc
249 Box with Misc. Glassware, Salt & Pepper Shakers
250 Box with Linens, Crochet, Etc.
251 Box with Leaded Crystal Bowls, etc.
252 Box with Kitchen Items inc. Apple Peeler
253 Box of Ash Trays
254 Box with Snow Domes, Etc.
255 Box of Halloween Items
256 Box with Misc. New in Box Items, cookie jar, etc.
257 Box with Golf Balls
258 Box with VHS, CDS
259 Box of Lids
260 Box of Misc. Glass
261 Box of Tools with Drill and Extension Cord
262 Box with Elephants
263 Box of Lamp Shades and Chimneys
264 Box w/ Pink Depression & Opalescent Glassware
265 Box of Assorted Pottery
266 Box of Assorted Pottery
267 Box of MoonShine ATF Rulers
268 Box of Handmade Rugs
269 Box with Seltzer, Whiskey Etc. Bottles
270 Box of Tools Including New Socket Sets
271 Mixed Box of Silver Plate
272 Box of Perfume, Ink and Misc. Bottles
273 Box Christmas Pcs. Incl. Paper Mache Santa Boots
274 Box of Old Kitchen Items
275 Partial Set of Dolly Madison China by Castleton
276 Japanese Doll Display Case
277 Box of Misc. Dishes
278 Box Deal of Cups
279 Box of Misc. Items Incl. Wooden Boxes
280 Box of Misc. Ceramic items
281 Box of Misc. Items Incl. Milk Bottles
282 Box of Misc. Items Incl. Antique Repo Timex Clock
283 Box with Stoneware and Milk Glass
284 Box of Cups
285 Box of Lamps
286 Box of Assorted China
287 Box of Glassware and Dishes
288 Box of Glass Bowls Punch Bowl Etc.
289 Box of Ceramic Items
290 Box of Misc. Glassware and Ceramics
291 Box of Ceramic Figures Madonna & Child
292 Box with Mixed Stemware
293 Box of Glass Canisters
294 Mixed Box of Clear Glassware
295 Box of Misc Glassware
296 Box Deal with Creamers and Sugars
297 Box with Misc. Bottles Etc.
298 Box with Glass Vases
299 Box of Misc. Glasses
300 Box with Glass Bowls Etc.
301 Box Deal with Brass Knobs
302 Box Deal with Milk Glass Items
303 Box Deal Includes Cast Iron Banks and Doorstops
304 Box Deal incl. Paperweights
305 Box Deal Corning Ware and Pyrex
306 Box Deal of Plates
307 Box Deal with Crystal Glassware
308 Box of Glassware, Crystal, Iris & Herringbone
309 Box with Jumbo Peanut Butter Jars
310 Box of Kitchen Items
311 Box with Misc Dishes
312 Box with Drafting Set and Medical
313 Box with Misc. Glassware and China
314 Box with Presentation Metals
315 Box with Misc. Items Candle Wall Sconce
316 Box Deal Old Postcards and Stamps
317 Box Deal Candy Jars Bottle Caps
318 Box with Oriental Vases
319 Box with Cream Pitchers
320 Box of Playing Cards
321 Cast Iron Railroad Spittoon
322 Box of Dishes w/ Damaged Blue Ridge
323 Box deal Dolls and Doll Dishes
324 Box Deal Sports Magazines, RR Lock Etc.
325 Box Deal Prints, Painting Etc.
326 Sterling Silver Rings, Earrings and Thimble
327 Box Eagle, Ball and Lovers
328 Box Deal Two Hats
329 Red Doll Highchair
330 Soft Wood Small Victorian Table
331 Oak Rocking Chair & Two Parlor Chairs
332 Country Rocking Chair & Damaged Straight Chair
333 Barrel Back Oak Chair
334 World Globe on Duncan Phyfe Style Stand
335 Gasoline Powered Electric Generator
336 Kenmore 70 Series Washing Machine
337 Faux leather Office Chair
338 Three Antique Baskets and One Firkin
339 12 Inch Cast Iron Dutch Oven
340 Box of Brass Items
341 Parking Meter
342 Aladdin lamp
343 Antique Air Pilot Lantern
344 Box with old Bottles and Lays Potato Chip Tin
345 Box of Old Soda, Beer and Whiskey Bottles
346 1940`s Glass Teapot with Syrup Pitcher & Nutmeg
347 Sessions Style 31 Day Oak Regulator Clock
348 Star Twist Metal Four Drawer Spool Cabinet
349 1950`s Pet Carrier
350 Duck calls, Herter and Stofer Bean Lake
351 Crochet Table Cloth and Table Linens
352 Box Chinese Items Brass Bowl, vases & Soapstone
353 Box Cherry Pitters, Ice Shavers, Cream Scoop Etc.
354 Box with Salt Cellars, Miniature Pitchers Etc.
355 Box with Milk Jugs, Coca Cola Syrup Jug Etc.
356 Horse Collar and Hames
357 Box with Cow Bells, Goat Collar, Mule Muzzles Etc.
358 Colt Pistol Grips, Bullet Mold, Powder & Fox Horns
359 Five Antique Irons
360 Box with Pocket and Hunting Knives
361 Ball Mason Jar w/ Crank Churn
362 Box w/ Old Fruit Jars
363 Box with Old Steel Traps
364 Box w/ Antique Document Boxes
365 Large Tom`s Glass Snack Display Jar
366 Suggs Churn Smithville, MS. Repaired w/ Dasher
367 Western Stoneware Jug
368 Dark Brown Stoneware Jug
369 L.S. Duboisson & Co, Paducah, Ky. Stone Jug
370 Two White Stoneware Jugs w/ Brown Tops
371 Model Mill Co. Tin Thermometer, Jackson, TN.
372 Coca Cola & R.C. Cola Thermometers
373 Two Stoneware Crocks w/ Lids
374 Three Brown Stoneware Jugs w/ Chips
375 Stoneware Chicken Waterer
376 Stoneware Pitcher and Brown Crock w/ Lid
377 Pure Milk Co. Advertising Clock
378 Box w/ NOS Caps and Cap Guns
379 Box w/ Old Pocket and Wrist Watches
380 Louis Armstrong Satchmo Esco Figure 1972
381 Cast Iron Tea Kettle
382 Two Griswold Corn Stick Pans
383 Griswold #8 Skillet w/ Dome Lid
384 Fostoria American Water Pitcher
385 Speas Vinegar Gallon and Pint Jars
386 Speas Vinegar Gallon and Pint Jars
387 Speas Vinegar Gallon and Pint Jars, Gal. w/ Label
388 Wagner Bacon & Egg Breakfast Skillet
389 2 Griswold Skillets, 8" & 11.5"
390 Griswold 3" Skillet with Large Logo
391 2 Ambrotype Photos of Men with Babies
392 Box Deal with Pyrex, Abingdon Pottery, Etc.
393 Brass Indian Goddess Statue
394 Automotive Items, Oil Cans, Ford T Model Coils
395 Wagner Skillet & Deep Fryer
396 Box of Copper Tea Pots & Pitchers
397 Grey Graniteware Coffee Pot
398 Box with 7 Hand Saws
399 Box of Graniteware
400 Box of Military Items, Canteens, Leggings, Etc.
401 Box of Brass Items
402 Box of Kitchen Graters & Butter Mold Parts
403 Box with Old Baseball Gloves
404 Box with Vintage Shoes, Ladies Lace-Up, Etc.
405 Box of Glass Top Fruit Jars
406 Oak Crank Telephone
407 Benjamin Franklin 22 Cal. Model 3120 BB Gun
408 Ithica Model 37 Deerslayer Barrel
409 American Standard Hand Corn Seeder
410 Delta 14" Catalog #28-245 Band Saw
411 Guardian Power 16 Speed Drill Press
412 Edison Victrola (Needs Repair)
413 The Gibson Book One 1906, Charles Dana Gibson
414 Mid 19th Century Pine Stage Coach Trunk
415 Curved Top Antique Trunk
416 Large Brass Spittoon
417 Red Gumball Machine on Stand
418 Tin Chimney Cover w/ lady
419 Country Drop Leaf Work Table w/ Drawer
420 Two Eye Cast Iron Laundry Stove
421 1921 Tennessee License Plate
422 1929 Tennessee License Plate
423 Golf Bag w/ Clubs and Golf Bag
424 Electric Sewing Machine
425 Country Two Door Hanging Cabinet
426 Box w/ Old Soda Bottles, Coke Union City, Fulton
427 Large Brown Stoneware Churn
428 Union City Tennessee Coca Cola Root Bottle 7.5" T
429 Five Gallon Brown & White Stone Jug w/ chip
430 Three Gal. Marshall Pottery Water Dispenser
431 Pair of # 30 Cast Iron Andirons
432 5 gal. Glass Bottle on Stand
433 Griswold Dutch Oven 1920
434 Antique Organ Stool
435 Box of Vintage Photographs Incl. Football, Family
436 Box w/ Misc. Items, Prince Albert Tins Etc.
437 Thomas Sungu, Six Drawings in Black Frames
438 Box w/ Wooden Planes and Hand Tools
439 Box w/ Fishing Items, Minnow Buckets Etc.
440 Box of Glass Items w/ Turkey Candy Dish
441 Box of Misc. Stoneware incl. Churn Lids
442 Cast Iron Dutch Oven w/ Lid
443 GI Joe Chest & Wooden Box w/ YoYo`s
444 Box w/ Kitchen Metal Items and Coffee Mill
445 Box of Early Hand tools Grain Scoop, Froe Etc.
446 Cotton Seed Sack, 9Ft. Pick Sack and Cards
447 Pressed Glass Coal oil Lamp
448 Johnson Brothers England Scenic Platter Etc
449 Watt Ware Pitcher & Bowl w/ Yellow Ware Bowl
450 100 Lbs. Wooden Keg with Nails
451 Reproduction Toys & Banks, Uncle Sam Etc.
452 Glass Pitcher, Vase and Comport
453 Box of 3 Partial Sets of Floral Plates
454 L.E. Smith Punch Bowl, 18 Cups & Ladle
455 Country Dining Table, Top 64" X 40"
456 Blue Painted Wooden Tool Chest
457 Pair of Victorian Walnut Side Chairs Damaged
458 Green and Yellow Kitchen Cabinet, Porcelain Top
459 Metal Wine Rack
460 Spinet Desk
461 Box of Old Toys, Truck, Top Etc.




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