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1. Auction Viability Assessment

The first step in the consignment process is a free assessment by our staff to determine if an auction is a viable option for your item, collection or estate. Please note that all estimates are provisional and subject to revision upon further research. These estimates can be obtained:

- By setting up a "house call" or walk through of your home or business to inspect personal property, antiques or collections;
- By setting an appointment to meet us at our office;
- By sending a photo inquiry to us by mail or email.
- Based on the result of the auction estimate for your personal property, you and the auctioneers may discuss whether it is suitable for auction and if our services are the right match for your specific needs.

2. The Consignment Agreement

- Once you have decided to consign your asset(s) for auction, you will receive our straightforward agreement, with the auctioneers and sellers responsibilities spelled out in the contract. This agreement provides a detailed description of the terms and conditions.
- When not conducting an on-site auction, we can arrange to have your item(s) shipped or moved to our gallery. When we take possession of your items for auction at our gallery, we will complete a consignment inventory, and you will receive a copy for your records.

3. Preparation of Items for Auction

- Exposure: We handle each item to ensure it has maximum visibility and appeal in our print/internet advertising and on the auction floor.
- Research: Our staff diligently researches your items using our extensive reference library, expert contacts, internet databases, and resources, to develop a detailed description, condition report, and knowledge of your item(s). This gives absentee, Internet, and phone bidder’s confidence in bidding on your items.
- Timing/Location: Your merchandise will be placed in the proper auction to help it achieve the greatest sales potential.
- Photography: Your better items are photographed for inclusion in both print and internet advertisement. These photographs highlight details that will build interest and instill confidence among prospective bidders.
- Catalogs & Fliers: We produce high quality color and black & white catalogs, brochures and circulars to build interest and provide information on the items that will be offered at the upcoming auction.

4. Marketing for Worldwide Visibility

- Direct marketing: Our data base includes specific interests of private collectors, museums, and dealers from across the country and around the world. This gives us the ability to match items in upcoming auctions with likely bidders in order to increase sales results.
Auction catalogs, brochures or circulars are mailed to private buyers, museums, collectors and dealers from our data base. Additionally, auction fliers are distributed to local shops and malls.
- Advertising: We place advertising in national, state and local newspapers and trade publications highlighting upcoming auctions.
- Internet Posting: All auction listings are uploaded to the internet well in advance of the auction to broaden exposure of your item to millions of people worldwide.

5. The Auction Set-up

Well in advance of auction time, our experienced team will sort, clean and pack items for shipping if necessary, and set up for preview and the auction. Should your auction be on-site and require a tent, tent crew will arrive and erect the tent. Adequate seating, tables and cases for display of your items will be provided. In many cases a projection system is utilized to project live internet bidding or to project images of items for an enhanced presentation on auction day. Sound system will be tested and setup for the auction. If the electrical system for an on-site auction is not adequate electric generators will be utilized for ample electric supply. If the auction is to be held away from the property, Civic Center, Ballroom or other suitable location will be made ready. Food concessions and restroom facilities will be available to all auction attendees. Some on-site auctions will require security guard surveillance by off duty local law enforcement or guard service.

6. Auction Preview

In the case of an advertised auction preview, items to be sold will be on display for the public from 9 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. the day prior to the auction. At this time, all items to be sold at the auction are available for inspection by potential buyers. Your merchandise will be carefully displayed in a manner to maximize its visibility and appeal. During the preview, potential bidders can also contact us by telephone or email to request more information about auction items.

7. On-Site Preview

On-site auctions can be previewed the morning of the auction beginning two hours prior to the scheduled start of the auction.

8. The Auction

Kennedy’s Auction Service differs from other auctioneers in that whether we are auctioning your items in our gallery or on-site, bidders can participate in the auction by:

- Live bidding at the Auction
- By placing absentee bids in advance of the auction;
- Bidding live on the telephone;
- Or, by bidding live on the internet. This means that thousands of people around the country, and in some cases around the world, are viewing and able to bid on your items.

An adequate staff will arrive well in advance of auction including auctioneers, clerks, cashiers, bookkeepers, ring men and assistants who will be present to properly conduct your auction. In the event that parking assistance is needed, off duty Police, Deputies or security personnel will assist attendees with parking. As bidders begin to arrive, the Auctioneers, Real Estate Brokers and ring men will distribute plats, equipment lists and brochures, answer questions, show property, and welcome everyone. The Auctioneer will then take the stand and explain the terms and conditions of the auction, order of sale, specific time for the sale of Real Estate or Special Items, the sale restrictions and the rights of the seller, the buyer, and the auction company. The auction begins and the ring men spread out through the crowd. It is their duty to see that there is no confusion and that the auctioneer acknowledges every bid. They will also answer any last minute bidder questions while the auction is in progress.

9. Post Auction

Internet, Phone and Absentee winning bidders will be invoiced for their items. Upon receipt of payment, items will be packed and shipped or delivered to a packing and shipping company for shipping.

10. Settlement

After the auction you will receive a complete accounting for all consigned items and payment in 30 days or less.

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