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Personal Property Partial Listing

Lot Number Title

1000 Box of Cast Iron Skillets and Muffin Pans
1001 Wooden FInger Jointed Table Top Display Case
1002 Cast Iron Sundial
1003 Red TIn Doll Trunk
1004 Two Pocelain Over Cast Iron Shelf Brackets
1005 Box w/ Assorted Ceramics, Chinese Flower Pots, Etc
1006 1940's Red Alert Light
1007 Box w/ Barometer & Chinese Stone Dresser Items
1008 Box w/ Milk Glass Napkin Stand & Green/Gold Vase
1009 Box w/ Bowl & Pitcher
1010 Box w/ Norman Rockwell Collector Plates, Etc.
1011 Box w/ Composer Bust & Spelter Musical Children
1012 Box of Vintage Prints
1013 Gold Oval Wall Mirror
1014 Two Antique Oak Sewing Machine Attachment Boxes
1015 Box w/ Three Purses Incl. Lucite & Chrome
1016 Early Roseville Pottery Pitcher
1017 Blue & White Salt Glaze Pitcher with Grapes
1018 Blue & White Spongeware Pitcher
1019 Group of 6 Anitque Bells
1020 Rayo Lamp w/ Milk Glass Shade & Small B&H Lamp
1021 Electrified Victorian Lamp with Clear Font
1022 Large Leaded Glass Table Lamp
1023 Box w/ Four Walnut Frames w/ Fashion Prints
1024 Box Childrens Dishes & Books, Incl. Beatrix Potter
1025 Two Green Salt Glaze Pitchers, One with Cows
1026 Limoges Green & Gold Chocolate Pot
1027 Box with Playing Cards & Cases
1028 Box Incl. Several Pieces of Italian Ceramics
1029 Box of Leaded Glass Ice Bucket & Salad Plates
1030 Box of Clear Glass Serving Items Incl. Apple Bowls
1031 Box with Ceramic Canister Set & Bean Pot
1032 Box of Old Toys Incl. Tin Train & Toy Pistols
1033 Box with Crystal Stemware & Assorted Clear Glass
1034 Box with Clear Glass Cake Plates, Fruit Bowls, Etc
1035 Vintage Electric Baseball Game
1036 Box Hummel Figurines & Covered Powder Dish, Damage
1037 Box of Vintage Ladies Purses
1038 Box of Vintage Toys Incl. 1930's Airplane, Car Etc
1039 Box of Miniature Cedar Chest Jewelry Boxes
1040 Box of Mixed VIntage Boxes
1041 Box of Chinese & Asian Boxes
1042 Box of Collectible Ducks, Brass & Ceramic
1043 Box of Vintage Brass Items
1044 Box of Carved Wooden Items, African, Etc.
1045 Ludwig Jr. Drum Set (Missing Parts)
1046 Box of Crochet Pieces
1047 Box of Collector Plates Including Wedgewood
1048 Box of Assorted Collector Plates Incl. German
1049 Box Collector Plates Incl. The Hamilton Collection
1050 Box of Vintage Dolls
1051 Box w/ Bisque Piano Babies & Other Porcelain Dolls
1052 Two Barbie Doll Cases with Contents
1053 Box with Ceramic & Natural Sea Shells
1054 Box with Glass Shades Incl. Hurricane Shade
1055 Box of Clear Glass with Silver Overlay Rims
1056 Box Small Collector Dolls Incl. Madame Alexander
1057 Box with Hand Carved Dolls Incl. Portuguese
1058 Box of Carved Wooden & Tooled Leather Boxes
1059 Box of Kitchen Utensils
1060 Box of Assorted Hand Tools
1061 Box of Brass Lamps & Lamp Parts
1062 Panel Glass Two Piece Punch Bowl with Cups
1063 Silver Plate Chafing Dish
1064 Box with Assorted Porcelain Plates
1065 Box with Old Paris & French Porcelain
1066 Box with Oak Jewelry Boxes, Etc.
1067 Japanese Porcelain Tea Set
1068 Box with Blue Willow & Flow Blue Dishes
1069 Box with Figurines Incl. Chinese
1070 Box w/ Childrens Books, Records & Building Blocks
1071 Box with Beer Steins, Toby Mugs, Etc.
1072 Box with Leaded Crystal Incl. Gorham & Fostoria
1073 Box of Vintage Magazines Incl. Life
1074 Box with Antique Ladies Mirrors
1075 Box of Mixed Silver Plate Flatware
1076 Puch Bowl on Stand with Cups (Base Does Not Match)
1077 Antique Wooden Doll Trunk with Vintage Dolls
1078 Box with Hand Painted Mexican Pot
1079 Box with Shrimp Cocktail Dishes
1080 Box with Old Toys, Checker Board, Etc.
1081 Box with Glass Ink Wells, Candle Holders, Etc.
1082 Box of Vintage Paper Items & Photos, Jackson, TN
1083 Box w/ Vintage Advertising Items, Incl. John Deere
1084 Box of Multi-Color Glass
1085 Box with Vintage Tags & Automotive Testers
1086 Box of Mechanics Tools
1087 Box of Baseball Cards
1088 Box with Assorted Oriental/Chinese Boxes
1089 Box of Vintage Brass and Copper Items
1090 Box of Mexican Pottery Items
1091 Box of Antique Picture Frames
1092 Box of Vintage Brass Items
1093 Box of Candle Holders & Hurricane Lamps
1094 Box with Brass Items Incl. Cricket Boxes
1095 Box of Brass Bells
1096 Box with Graniteware Coffee Pots
1097 Box of Vintage Stoneware Items
1098 Box of Vintage Doll Dishes
1099 Box with Cloisonne Boxes and Vase
1100 Box of Toy Doll Dishes
1101 Box of Milk Glass Dishes
1102 Box of Vinegar Cruets, Several Hand Blown
1103 Box Hall Coffee Pot & Brown Stoneware Cookie Jar
1104 Box with Vintage Powder Dishes
1105 Box with Hand Painted Blue & White Coffee Set
1106 Box of Assorted Ceramic & Porcelain Items
1107 Box with Jadite Fire King Plates, Etc.
1108 Box Kitchen Items Incl. Dazey Atomic Ice Crusher
1109 Box with Vintage Doll Furniture
1110 Box of Silver Plate Serving Pieces, Coffee Pots
1111 Box with Brass Items Incl. Candle Holders, Etc.
1112 Set of Silver & White Bavarian Dishes
1113 Box of Silver Plate Serving Trays, Etc.
1114 Box with Silver Plate Chaffing Dishes, Etc.
1115 Box of Salt Cellars & Napkin Rings
1116 Box with Clear Glass Items Incl. Covered Dish
1117 Box of Vintage Glass Pitchers
1118 Box of Pyrex Ovenware
1119 Box of Assorted Ovenware
1120 Box of Pyrex Ovenware Items
1121 Box of Vintage Oil Lamps
1122 Box with Stoneware Crocks & Jugs
1123 Box of Vintage Fruit Jars with Glass Tops
1124 Vintage Linden Brass Miniature Grandfather Clock
1125 1958 Ford Edsel Friction Car
1126 Signed Heisey Glass Basket
1127 Twelve Inch Cut Glass Vase With Chip on Base
1128 12 Inch Wayne Bates Pottery Plate
1129 Three Japanese Ceramic Wall Pockets
1130 1940`s Dizzy Dean Miniature Baseball bat
1131 Blue Ridge Pottery Platter w/ Flowers
1132 Seven Piece H/P Victorian Cobalt Blue Water Set
1133 1914 Budweiser Beer Tray, Robert E. Lee Steamboat
1134 Bentwood Sugar Bucket
1135 Brass 10 Light Chandelier
1136 Burl Walnut Footstool
1137 Pair of Quil Brand Leather Saddle Bags
1138 4 Gal. Stoneware Crock & Umbrella Stand w/ Damage
1139 Cast Iron Dachshund Boot Scraper
1140 Victorian Coal Hodge with Fruit Decoration
1141 Victorian Coal Hodge Handpainted with Flowers
1142 Cedar Water Bucket
1143 Brass Bucket with Handle
1144 Four Vintage Ladies Hand Bags Some w/ Damage
1145 Box w/ 19th Century & 19th Century Style Boxes
1146 Box w/ Vintage Tin Boxes
1147 Box Green Depression Glass, Anchor Hocking Princes
1148 Box with Three Circa 1900 Boxes & Collar Boxes
1149 Box with Cranberry & Ruby Glass Incl. Fenton
1150 Box with Inlaid Boxes
1151 Box with Vintage Jewelry Boxes
1152 Box with Vintage Japanese Kimonos
1153 Box of Assorted Watches
1154 Box with Liquor Decanters, Sugar Shaker, Etc.
1155 Box with Assorted Small Boxes, Compacts, Etc.
1156 Box Three Leather/Simulated Leather Travel Cases
1157 Box of Costume Jewelry Necklaces
1158 Box with Mens Items Incl. Military Patches
1159 Box Sterling Silver Jewelry Incl. Mexican Silver
1160 Box of Costume Jewelry
1161 Box of Modern Costume Jewelry
1162 Box with Cigarette & Tobbaco Humidors
1163 Box with Chinese Jewelry Boxes
1164 Box with Asian Boxes
1165 Vintage Fruit Crate Filled with Vintage Boxes
1166 Box with Vintage Jewelry Boxes
1167 Box of Assorted Boxes
1168 Inlaid Display Box with Beveled Glass
1169 Oak Presentation Box with Blue Felt Interior
1170 Large Painted Vintage Gold Finger Jointed Box
1171 Matching Pair of Oval Walnut Shadow Box Frames
1172 Wooden Crate w/ Antique Bottles Incl. Liquor
1173 Box of Beannie Babies
1174 Box with China Platters, Bowls, Etc.
1175 Box with String Holder, Paper Roller, Etc.
1176 Box with Assorted Small Items, Incl. Grease Lamp
1177 Oak Basket with Assorted Linens
1178 Box with Antique Wooden Exercise Dumbbells
1179 Three Glass Serving Platters
1180 Two Boxed Wood Working Tools
1181 Two Reproduction Advertising Signs, Keen Kutter
1182 Large Heavy Plaster Gold Wall Bracket / Shelf
1183 Box with Fireplace Set, Glass Box, Etc.
1184 Box Stamps Incl. Binders of First Day Issue Covers
1185 Box of Vintage Lamps & Light Fixtures
1186 Box of Antique Picture Frames, Walnut, Etc.
1187 Walnut Souviner Spoon Rack with Souviner Spoons
1188 Rectangular Silver Plate Serving Tray w/ Grapes
1189 Group Coca Cola Items, Incl. Vintage Sign & Print
1190 Box of Sportsmans Items, Hunting & Fishing
1191 Box of Misc. Decorator Items
1192 Box with China Pocket Watch Holder, Etc.
1193 Box w/ Coin Books, Incl. Four Indian Head Pennies
1194 Box with Antique Picture Frames
1195 Box of Various Vintage & Decorator Prints
1196 Spongware Bowl & Bowl with Flowers
1197 Royal Dux Vase Converted to Electric Lamp
1198 Handmade Modern Star Quilt
1199 Handmade Flower Garden Quilt
1200 Handmade Blue & White Star Quilt
1201 Handmade Patwork Throw Quilt
1202 Antique Ferry Seed Display Box
1203 Handmade Blue Block Quilt
1204 Handmade Amish Baby Quilt
1205 Handmade Mid-20th Century Multi-Color Quilt
1206 Handmade Drunkard's Path Quilt
1207 Handmade MId-20th Century Multi-Color Quilt
1208 Handmade Bow Tie Quilt
1209 Handmade Basket Quilt
1210 Two Handmade Baby Quilts
1211 Two Framed Cross Stitch Pictures
1212 Group of 5 Framed Prints & Paintings
1213 Royal Doulton Gibson Girl Dr. Bottles Plate
1214 Clear Miss America Pattern Depression Glass Vase
1215 Three Pieces of Pottery
1216 McKenzie-Childs Handpainted Redware Pie Plate
1217 Copy of Charles Dana Gibson Print, His Fortune
1218 Signed and Numbered Michael Sloan Print
1219 Old Sailor and Children Framed Print
1220 Set of Four Victorian Cane Bottom Chairs
1221 Victorian Rocking Chair w/ Woven Seat & Back
1222 C. 1900 Goose-Neck Rocking Chair w/ Cane
1223 Victorian Center Table w/ Inlaid Top
1224 Wrought Iron Bread Rack
1225 Footstool with Woven Seat
1226 Cedar Chest with Brass Straps
1227 Mahogany Bookcase with Drawer
1228 Small Stool with Wooden Top
1229 Small Drop-Leaf End Table
1230 Spindle-Back Oak Rocking Chair w/ No Seat
1231 Windsor Style Child`s Chair
1232 Oak Side Chair with Covered Seat
1233 Iron Floor Lamp with Brass Finish
1234 Pair of Brass Double Candlestick Lamps
1235 Two Oil on Canvas Paintings Landscape & Beach
1236 C 1910 Painting & Fisher Print of Young Ladies
1237 Large Flower Print in Gold Frame
1238 Unknown Artist O/C Still Life of Apples C. 1900
1239 Three Walking Sticks Incl. Brass Handle
1240 Three Wooden Walking Sticks
1241 Three Metal Walking Sticks
1242 2 Umbrellas Dog Head and Walking Stick
1243 Two Advertising Walking Sticks
1244 1930`s Batwing Dresser
1245 1920`s Chest of Drawers "Yellow"
1246 Sheaffer Ink Pen Display Case
1247 Solid Cherry Four Shelf Bookcase
1248 Gold Wall Mirror
1249 Basket with Rolling Pins and Kitchen Items
1250 Box with Baskets
1251 Box of Vintage Clothing
1252 Red and Black Travel Trunk
1253 Box with Linens, Quilt Etc.
1254 Box Grip-Rite 15* Coil Roofing Nails
1255 Box of Plate Racks
1256 Croquet Set with Balls
1257 Box with Framed Prints, Paintings Etc.
1258 Eastlake Style Victorian Marble Dresser Base
1259 Walnut Victorian Wall Mirror

Lot Number Title

1260 Large Flat Top Trunk W/ Wood Strips
1261 Large Flat Top Travel Trunk
1262 Red Cedar Lined Travel Trunk
1263 Folding Chinese Screen with Damage
1264 Cedar Chest With Brass Straps
1265 Cedar Chest with Two Small Sliding Trays
1266 Towable Inflatable Tube Float
1267 Box with Victorian Walnut Frames Etc.
1268 Two Mahogany OG Mirrors with Damage
1269 Two Vintage Finger Jointed Boxes
1270 Box with Antique Picture Frames
1271 Box of Crochet Bedspreads
1272 Box of Antique Walnut Picture Frames Etc.
1273 Electric Fan with Box
1274 Box of Old Records
1275 Oli on Canvas Landscape w/ House
1276 Oil on Canvas Lady and Swans
1277 C. 1850 Print "Little Girl and Chickens
1278 Box of Crystal Glasses
1279 Box with Leaded Crystal Vases and Candy Dish
1280 Box with Glass Egg Dishes Etc.
1281 Box Deal Lenox Figure and Carnival Glass Bowl
1282 Box Deal Two 1920`s Mixing Bowls Etc.
1283 Box Deal Hand Painted Plates Etc.
1284 1930`s Table with Six Legs
1285 Two Pairs of Prints, Hunt Scene and Flowers
1286 Box Deal with Several Silver Plate Platters
1287 Two Boxes of Assorted Crystal Stem Glasses
1288 Box with Brass Candlesticks, Sconces Etc.
1289 Aluminum Elephant Tray
1290 Box w/ Leaded Crystal Fruit & Serving Bowls, Etc.
1291 Box of Framed Prints & Paintings
1292 Box of Department 56 Christmas Items
1293 Box with Candle Holders Incl. Sterling Pair
1294 Framed Decorator Print with Flowers
1295 Two Plastic Storage Bins
1296 Box of Antique Price Guides and Auction Catalogs
1297 Box w/ Jump Starter, Fan, Air Purifier, Etc.
1298 Box w/ Crock Pot, Jump Starter, Work Light, Etc.
1299 Box with Two Circa 1900 Lamp Bases1300 Champion Asparagus Buncher, Pottstown, PA
1301 Vintage Can Opener, Meat Tenderizer & Scoop
1302 Box of Misc Hardware
1303 French Foreign Legion Bayonet with 20.5" Blade
1304 Faternal Sword With Sheath
1305 19th Century U.S. Army Musket Bayonet
1306 Set of Four Swivel Rattan Armchairs
1307 Two Victorian Sidechairs
1308 Napoleon and Josephine Saucers A.K. France
1309 Griswold Number Six Skillet
1310 Box of Chinese Decorative Ceramics
1311 Box of Wedgewood Wellesley China
1312 Box of Assorted Book Ends
1313 Box of Sea Shells & Coral
1314 Limited Edition White's Duck Decoy, 1988
1315 Box of Assorted Ceramic & China Items
1316 Box of Assorted Candle Sticks
1317 Pair Alexander Backer ABCO Nubian Turban Busts
1318 Box of Silver Plate
1319 1911 Copeland Spode King George Coronation Bottle
1320 Cast Iron Paperweight with Brass Hand
1321 Bric`s Italy Travel Tie Case
1322 Miller Drunk Raven Pin and Ink Framed
1323 Box Glass, 6 Cambridge Rosepoint Shrimp Cocktails
1324 Box Multicolor Glass Incl. Ruby Champagne Flutes
1325 Magnifier Light with Stand
1326 Dress Form
1327 Brad McMillan Signed Print in Clear Plastic Tube
1328 Box w/ Damaged Rose Medallion, Satsuma, Etc.
1329 Box of Leaded Crystal with Signed Pieces
1330 Three Mixing Bowls & Juicer
1331 Box with Damaged Chinese Plates & Carved Frogs
1332 Carved Wooden Parrot on Stand
1333 Box of Decorator Items
1334 Box with Terracotta Items, Ceramic Lamb, Fish, Etc
1335 Box with Crystal Stemware, Etc.
1336 Box of Hayden Ceramic Sugars & Creamers
1337 Box w/ Czechoslovakian Fruit Vase & Bristol Vase
1338 Box with Chinese Faux Ivory Figure & Decor Lamps
1339 Framed Monkey Print
1340 Box w/ Large Pink & Green Chinese Style Vases, Etc
1341 Box with Chinese Style Vases, Painted Stool, Etc.
1342 Piecrust Table Floor Lamp
1343 Cast Iron Tray with Love Birds
1344 Miniature Carousel Horse
1345 Gilt Bronze Cupid Ink Well with Damage
1346 Damaged Wall Mirror with Portrait of Napoleon
1347 Two O.G. Clock Cases Converted to Display Shelves
1348 Box of Lamp Chimneys, Etc.
1349 Box of Bisque, China & Staffordshire Figures
1350 Box of Kitchen Glassware
1351 Box w/ Pressed Glass Berry Set & Carnival Dishes
1352 Box with Dresser Boxes & Damaged French Capped Urn
1353 Box w/ Hand Painted Shot Glasses w/ Birds
1354 Box w/ Decorator Items, Mirror, Wall Sconce Light
1355 Box with Partial Limoges Tea Set, Etc.
1356 Judge Walter Baker Harris Street Sign
1357 Box with Music CD's
1358 Two Blue & White Ceramic Bowls
1359 Leaded Crystal Vase & Basket
1360 1937, 38, 39 & 40 Migratory Bird Stamps in Case
1361 Box with Small Frames, Music Box, Etc.
1362 Box of Misc. Items Incl. Mime Music Box
1363 Box with Chinese Doll, Small China Clock, Etc.
1364 Circa 1900 Oak Doll Sideboard/Buffett
1365 Box with Brass Flower Planters, Etc.
1366 Print of Yorkshire Terrier in Decoratror Frame
1367 Pair of Decorator Iron Lamps w/ Cloth Shades
1368 Ceiling Light Fixture & Two Feather Lamp Shades
1369 Wrougt Iron 5 Light Ceiling Fixture
1370 Large Chinese Decorator Vase
1371 Reproduction Heart Back Rose Carved Vanity Chair
1372 Small Black Cabinet with Glass Door
1373 Box of Green Legal Books
1374 Mahogany Shield Back Side Chair
1375 Rose Carved Victorian Side Chair w/ Damage
1376 Decorator Sword
1377 Permacraft Maple Chest on Stand w/ Drawer
1378 A French Style Maple Finish Writing Desk
1379 A Pair of Painted Rattan Armchairs
1380 Small Folding Chinses Screen with Damage
1381 Small Gold Carved Console Table w/ Three Legs
1382 Small Tri- Spindle Mahogany Side Table
1383 Wrought Iron Baker`s Rack
1384 White Faux Rattan Side Chair
1385 Pair of French Style Arm Chairs w/ Pink Cover
1386 Box with Several Walking Sticks
1387 Pair of Wicker End Tables with Drawers
1388 Wroght Iron Bench With Floral Cover
1389 Wrought Iron Stool w/ Champagne Color Cover
1390 Whirlpool Washer and Dryer
1391 GE Washing Machine and Whirlpool Dryer
1392 Queen Anne Style Side Chair
1393 Chinese Style Twin Bed Headboard
1394 Terra Cotta Italian Elephant Lamp
1395 Rolling File Cabinet
1396 Large Iron Shop Vise
1397 Electric Shoe Polisher and Duck Brush in File Box
1398 Framed Chinese Panda Bear Silk
1399 16" X 20" Antique Picture Frame
1400 Two Pcs Le Creuset Cookware and Copper Fish Mold
1401 Box with German Kitchen Knives Etc.
1402 Set of Four Maurice Legendre Prints
1403 Thomas Kelly, "Innocence" Hand Colored Print
1404 1903 Jackson, Tennessee Auction Notice, Elder
1405 Set of Dominos in Wooden Case
1406 Box Deal with Various Framed Prints and Frames
1407 Box of Hand Tools
1408 Box of Household Items Incl. Mickey Mouse Clock
1409 Box of Household Items
1410 Box of Coffee Items Incl. French Press
1411 Large Framed Print of Lilly Pads
1412 Framed Crochet Piece
1413 Brass Kindling Box With Tavern Scene
1414 Small Needlepoint Rug with Roses
1415 Box of Cook Books
1416 Box of Antique Price Guides
1417 Box of Cook Books
1418 Box of Antique Price Guides
1419 Box of Antique Price Guides Etc,
1420 Box of Antique Price Guides Etc
1421 Box of Antique Price Guides Etc,
1422 Box of Antique Price Guides Etc,
1423 Youngblood Oil On Canvas of Sail Boats
1424 Seiko Turtle Diver 150 M Wristwatch, Needs Repair
1425 Box of Old Wristwatches, Most Do Not Work
1426 Box of Old Ladies Wristwatches, Most Do Not Work
1427 Box w/ Old Pocket & Wristwatches, Most Need Repair
1428 Box with Forigen Coins and Old Knife
1429 Longines 15 Jewel Pocket Watch w/ Base Metal Case
1430 Wooden Box w/ Scrap Gold Award Pins, Sterling Ring
1431 Antique Waltham Silver Plate Pocket Watch
1432 Brass Jewish Menorah
1433 Pair of Acanthus Leaf Whale Oil Lamps
1434 Sun 78 RPM Record #217 Elvis Presley, Play House
1435 Red, Navy and Cream Overshot Coverlet with Damage
1436 Black Double Wedding Ring Quilt
1437 Rag Rug
1438 Vintage Silk Embroidery Rose Block Bedspread
1439 Box with Harrod`s Department Store Bags
1440 Box w/ Victorian China Watch Stand & Trinket Boxs
1441 Large Modern Victorian Style Gold Frame w/ Damage
1442 1930`s Depression Era Walnut Veneer Chest
1443 Empire Revival Oak Sideboard with Mirror
1444 Wrought Iron Fire Screen
1445 Hand Painted Polish Pottery Hen on Nest and Dish
1446 Box of Depression Era Clear Glassware
1447 Large Turkish Brass Bowl
1448 Silver Plate Five Piece Coffee Service
1449 Three Drawer Oak Nightstand w/ Damaged Leg
1450 Pair of Gold Leaf Frames w/ Bird Nest Prints
1451 Carved Mahogany Fern Stand
1452 Hand Painted Limoges Tankard Damaged
1453 Hand Painted Limoges Lemonade Pitcher
1454 Small End Table with Brass Feet
1455 Warwick China Monk Pitcher
1456 Ceramic Goose and Four Miniature Geese
1457 Bisque China Figure of Girl
1458 Tiffany and Company Dessert Plate
1459 Group of Sandwich Glass Butter Pats
1460 Small Convex Mirror with Eagle
1461 Early Weller Pottery Candle Holder
1462 Hand Painted Wood Italian Wall Bracket
1463 Two Wooden Flatware Chest
1464 Four Vintage Shotgun Shell Boxes
1465 Three Pieces of Leaded Crystal, Lusters & Basket
1466 Set of 8 Mikasa "Uptown" Crystal Goblets
1467 Set of 4 Crystal Champaign Flutes and 4 Amethyst
1468 6 Robert Reedy, Tupelo, Mississippi Paintings
1469 Box with 40 Blister Packed Hot Wheels Cars
1470 Box of Vintage GI Joes and Trunks
1471 Box of Crystal Stems Etc.
1472 Box of Assorted Pocket Knives
1473 Sailor`s Tramp Art Bottle with Cross Etc.
1474 Five Case Pocket Knives Including Circle C
1475 Three Boker and One Schrade Walden Pocket Knives
1476 Three Buck Pocket Knives
1477 One Tennessee Highway Patrol Pocket Knife Box
1478 Blue Carnival Glass Tumbler and Grape Bowl
1479 Three Paperweights
1480 Three Pieces of Various Color, Carnival Glass
1481 10 Pieces Burleigh Ware Blue Willow China
1482 Walt Disney Crown Toy Puppet
1483 Marx Mechanical Train Set in Box
1484 Box with Costume Jewelry, Jade Bracelets Etc.
1485 Eastern Art Dealers, Nashville, Framed Chinese Art
1486 Young Girl w/ Rabbit Doll Gold Leaf Framed Print
1487 Arched Top and Sectioned Gold Wall Mirror
1488 Grecian Style Classic Gold Beveled Wall Mirror
1489 Omega Seamaster Watch w/ Original Band
1490 Large Hand Painted Chinese Fan
1491 Box of Baseballs, Softballs and Gloves
1492 Box of Old Watches
1493 Butch Johnson Art Pottery
1494 Scrap Gold and 18K Ladies Watch with Damage
1495 Box with Costume Jewelry Bracelets
1496 Magnifier with Chain.
1497 Group of Talio-Crome Etchings, Brown and Bigelow
1498 Group of Patches Sheriff, Guard, EMT, Etc
1499 Jack Bookbinder 1911 - 1990, Miguel Signed Print


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